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By Awais Imran
This post was republished from propakistani.pk, with the permission of the author. The author is a former student of SEECS, NUST.

Through my personal experience, and through my discussions with other startups and businesses, I have to come to the conclusion that Facebook is the best platform for hiring freelancers, especially for most small to medium-sized businesses, and startups.

In the past couple of months alone, I have successfully hired for several freelance positions through Facebook. This includes designers, developers, content writers, and data entry specialists for projects like Windows Clan, and PriceOye. In all cases, I was able to find trusted, skilled freelancers in a matter of hours, and in one interesting case, it literally took five minutes*.

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Event Roundup – Nov 2015

By Anam Baloch and Asad Haider

So it has been a while since the current session started and as always, IEEE-SEECS has been busy conducting events since the semester began. Here is a quick round up of what has happened so far.

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By Behlol Nawaz

In April, we started a series of posts which showcased some of the top semester projects for an electronics course from a class of Electrical Engineering students. To test the students and get some creative results, the constraint was that each project had to use a Bluetooth module that communicated with a smart phone application.

So far, we have had a look at a device that can make any speaker wireless, a wearable communication device and a car automation system. In this final entry of the series, we will look at another impressive and interesting project, named “Mution”. It lets the user control a music player on his/her phone with hand gestures.

Project name: “Mution”

Students: Ali Athar, Armaghan Ahmed Khan and Azlan Shaukat.

(All students of BEE-4 at SEECS, NUST)

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Car B-Lock

ECD Projects: Car B-Lock


By Behlol Nawaz

Continuing in our series of Bluetooth enabled semester projects; we look at another interesting one in this post. Adhering to the requirements of using a development board with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip (a.k.a, Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) and an Android phone application, the project featured in this post is related to cars.

Before this, we first saw the wireless Bluetooth speakers, “Audink” and then the notification watch, “Notify-U”. Now we will have a look at “Car B-Lock”, a device that allows the user to interact with the locking system of their car via their Android smartphones.

Project name: Car B-Lock

Students: Mohammad Shahzeb Faisal, Asad Ali Malik and Abdul Moiz.

(All students of BEE-4 at SEECS, NUST)

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Be Her Partner

BeHer Partner

By Isha Lodhi

What can you do to make sure that a girl, a woman….your mother, sister, daughter, wife, or friend, does not have to abandon her dreams just because of the gender she was born as?

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Open Stack

Open Stack

By Fatima H.  Malik

WIE IEEE SEECS is one of the amazing societies of NUST that has been busy in arranging many events across NUST successfully.

It arranged a workshop on OPEN STACK in SEECS in the last month of April which aimed at promoting awareness among the participants about OpenStack as open source cloud computing software and to help the participants in understanding the series of interrelated projects.

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