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IEEE Day Cake

By Kanza Rasheed & Umay Salma

After another year of success, technological excellence and innovation, IEEE celebrated its birthday worldwide on October 1, 2013. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest renowned professional association dedicated to the development in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. With above 425,000 members in 130 different countries, IEEE is continually working for advancement in technology.

IEEE mesmerized its anniversary for the fourth time to celebrate the first meeting of engineers held in 1884. It was a day of sharing of the immense joy, excitement and the enthusiasm with all the IEEE members and engineers with the motto in their mind to further untiring efforts for “advancing technology for humanity”.

Following the flow, the Student Branch, SEECS Islamabad, also rejoiced IEEE Day on October 1, 2013. The executive council and former members were there to extend their celebrations with the rest of the school. It was a festive occasion and celebration of technology, with the whole house decorated in whites and blues, the colors of IEEE. Among claps and hoots of IEEEeee, the chair IEEE-SEECS, Wajeeh Adhami cut the cake that again had the blue logo of IEEE. The beauty of moments was multiplied by the presence of former chair IEEE-SEECS and current Section Student Representative, Bilal Baqar.


The students shared their celebrations and got a chance to socialize and meet people of their field. The freshmen specially took advantage of the opportunity and shared their queries about IEEE with seniors. The cherished moments were captured by the watchful media team that planned to take advantage of the occasion and send its entries for the IEEE photography competition.

The cake-cutting ceremony was a kick starter for the membership drive that was then continued for three fruitful days. The participation of students, especially freshmen, was commendable.

Chair IEEE-SEECS expressed his sentiments stating, “Student Branch SEECS has always devoted itself to hard work, excellence and innovation” He further said that he looked forward to a great working year ahead with new executive council.


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