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IEEE Membership Drive

IEEE Membership

By Oneeb Ul Haq

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or SEECS, as it is more fondly called, has been host to an active chapter of the world renowned IEEE, boasting a regional chair who previously held the SEECS chapter chair position. There is no question that the SEECS chapter of IEEE takes part in the festivities with great zeal. The celebrations kicked off on the 1st of October at the SEECS Undergraduate building with the celebratory cutting of the cake.

Following this, soon curious heads started crowding the IEEE stall with a barrage of questions being asked by the students. The council members of the SEECS chapter responded by answering all questions and then engaging the interests of the Electrical Engineering students which dominated the crowd who were soon smitten by the idea of IEEE. As day 1 of the membership drive ended students continued to approach the IEEE desk eager to know if the stall would be set up the next day as well.

Day 2 of the membership drive saw no decrease in the number of people trying to make their way to the IEEE stall. With great prowess the marketing team devised a plan to increase the number of members even more by holding a lucky draw for any and all members who applied for membership. Registration slips were put in a box and then randomly selected, whosoever won the lucky draw would be gifted IEEE shifts.

IEEE Membership 01

Throughout the lunch hour people huddled around the stall and when time came for the lucky draw the crowd went up in cheers, congratulating anyone who won. The atmosphere surrounding the desk was filled with jokes and laughter and anyone who had any queries could get their answers by having a one-on-one with the chapter chair himself.  As day 2 came to a close, requests for memberships came pouring in, without a doubt the membership drive came to a very successful end after an exhilarating two days with over seventy applicants for an IEEE membership!

The credit for the success would no doubt go to the SEECS chapter executive council that made everything work like clockwork with days of planning beforehand. Their hard work had clearly paid off!


Comments on: "IEEE Membership Drive" (2)

  1. This is a breakthrough for IEEE-SEECS and its publications team! We finally have more space to keep people with “electrical backgrounds” updated with the advancements being done in their field.
    The IEEE-SEECS Web and IT team has done a splendid job on this blog! Thank you very much!

    Isha Lodhi
    IEEE-SEECS Publications

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