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C Programming Workshop

C Workshop

By Isha Lodhi

Most freshmen at SEECS, taking C Language courses for the first time (well, it is the first time for most of them), may find it a bit hard grasping all the new concepts of computer programming. A bit of extra help, usually boosts an individual’s understanding of a subject. This was the motivation behind IEEE-SEECS’s most recent workshop on C programming, dated 5-7th November 2013.

The workshop was for students of all Bachelor programs, Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Electrical Engineering at SEECS. Students from all departments, mostly freshmen, enrolled themselves enthusiastically, and the 100 available seats filled surprisingly fast!

The mentors_ senior students who are adept at C language programming_ covered the basics of procedural programming in this workshop; their emphasis being on ‘functions’, ‘loops’, ‘arrays’ and ‘pointers’. These are the very fundamental tools and structures of C programming, and are further used in more advanced courses too. Students were assigned short tasks in the workshop sessions so that they could practice what they were learning and get some hands-on experience developing logic algorithms to solve problems.

C Workshop

The first session of the workshop, on 5 November, took place in SADA, while the other two sessions were held in SEECS labs. The last day of the workshop was fun because of the refreshments served and a group photo session! There was also a quiz in the last session to assess how much the students had learned.

Overall, the workshop went very well. Below are comments by some students who attended it.

“The workshop was really awesome! It was very helpful and dedicated seniors made it even better. We are indeed thankful to IEEE!”

Azba Nawaz

“The fact that our seniors were, for time being, our teachers, and questions we were reluctant to ask our professors were given answers by them, is something we are really grateful for. “

Syeda Tazeer Haider


“The session was greatly helpful. I highly appreciate the way the team was explaining little details. I congratulate IEEE for successfully completing the workshop!”
Nayab Javed


C Workshop Group Photo


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