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Google Search Guru

Google Search Guru

Event Covered by Kamil Hamad & Umay Salma

Searching for right information in age where tons of GBs worth of new information is added to the internet daily is not an easy task. Finding suitable information and filtering out loads of noise from this sea of data can be a painstaking task indeed. To help students with this task, Google at NUST and IEEE-SEECS collaborated to bring one of a kind workshop, ‘Become Search Guru with Google’. Their purpose was to educate students about a new highly valued skill known as Advance searching. This skill basically allows you to use world’s most advanced search engine Google more efficiently and effectively. While this may sound very geeky and boring but trust me it was actually full of surprises and excitement.

‘Become Search Guru with Google’ was a 2 hour long workshop conducted on 4th December 2013 in Shirazi Lab, SEECS NUST. Response to signing up was extraordinary as over 150 students applied. Only 50 were shortlisted on first come first serve basis. Workshop started off at 0530 pm with an amazing introductory video. One could see the excitement on faces of the participants. Afterwards there were multiple presentations showing different techniques used to refine searching on Google. These techniques included using different markers to filter out desired results in a short period time. This basically makes researching much easier and smarter.

Google Search Guru

Apart from presentations, there were exciting competitions and many Google giveaways, including shirts, USBs, glasses etc. There were short quizzes after every presentation and a prize for the winner. These quizzes included applying the newly learned techniques in searching and obtaining results of a query question before everyone else. The participants were very enthusiastic and competitive at this point. Google goodies were also given to people who guessed right answers to fun-filled questions such as guessing the name of Google Student Ambassador, finding the meaning of Google etc. Some participants received goodies for absolutely no reason at all like having a bill in bag. The excitement and joy of the event made it hard to keep track of time. The event ended late at around 8 pm with a group photo of all the participants. Remarks by one of the participants best sum the event up:

“One of the best workshops ever-Fun-filled and useful at the same time!”


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