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GSM Soft Switch Training

GSM Workshop

By Kanza Rasheed

Ever wondered how we recieve messages within a blink of an eye…? Who is there for getting us closer to our loved ones when we are thousands of miles away…? Who is that mentor who guides us when we are totally lost in the middle of an unknown city…? Well, thanks to our mobile networking system without which imagining a life is considered impossible now.

To enlighten us with this mysterious mechanism, IEEE conducted GSM workshops in SEECS (in a series of 3 ) to acknowledge students about the working of Global System for Mobile Communications under the super-vision of Sir Rizwaan and Lab engineer Sir Abdullah.

The first workshop was conducted on Thursday, 10th October that consisted of two parts; lectures on GSM technologies followed on by the “Hands on” demonstrations to the students on the modern GSM equipment. To give an insight in the modern world of communication, the workshop covered topics like Modulation and Coding, Cell Planning, Softswitch Architecture and Protocol Interfaces while the Hands-On exercise included Mobile Service Switching Center (MSC) Overview and Call Flow.



Following the first workshop, the second edition was conducted successfully which again emphasized on the working of BSC and MSC in the networking system. GSM, 3rd edition seminar was held on Wedesday, 11th December. The enthusiastic participation of a number of UG final-year and PG students was appreciable.

The seminar basically covered the theoretical and practical demonstration of UMG (Universal media gateway). It was conducted in the SEECS seminar Hall and the GSM lab sponsored by ZONG. It covered the working of UMG and its link with MSC, HLR and VLR in detail. IEEE, SEECS feels proud to unfold this fact that SEECS,NUST has the privilege of being one of the few universities in Pakistan to establish its own GSM station inside the university to provide its students a full hands-on experience. The GSM lab has been set by ZONG only for testing services in SEECS but it has the ability to serve one million users. These facilities are provided for perfect learning of students and to hone their knowledge about the Telecommunication Industry so that they are better equipped for their Jobs and Research in the future.

IEEE, SEECS plans to conduct such informative and advantageous workshops frequently in the future to assist its members and fellow Seecsians in effective learning.


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