Welcome to IEEE-SEECS

IEEEXtreme 7.0


By Kamil Hamad

During the early hours of 26th October, students flocked into the computer labs of SEECS with their computers to participate in IEEEXtreme 7.0. They all came in with one purpose; to code and to only code.

IEEEXtreme 7.0 is an annual international 24 hour programming competition. It is one of the most anticipated programming competitions amongst undergrads. IEEEXtreme can be viewed as platform where programmers brainstorm to broaden their perspectives about coding. It provides an opportunity to interact and compete against some of the best programmers from around the globe. Top prize included an all-expense-paid trip to the IEEE conference of winners’ choice anywhere in the world.

The 24 hour contest officially took off at sharp 5 am local time (UTC+5) on 26th October. As soon as the event started, the sound of keyboard taps and mouse clicks echoed through the lab and everyone seemed to be deeply engaged in solving the problems. Taking place in SEECS for the 2nd time, IEEE SEECS Student Chapter was responsible for all the arrangements. They provided a comfortable zone for programming and a number of recreational activities such as badminton and table tennis, so that participants could take break from hours of hefty programming. There were about 25 teams from SEECS, bringing the total number of participants to 59 this year.


In this year’s challenge, a record number of around 1900 teams enrolled making it a very tough competition. Some of the most talented students from hundreds of universities and from more than 60 countries participated. Nonetheless, enthusiastic students from SEECS stood out in the results. The duo, Uzair Ghauri and Waqee Khalid, of team RIFTERZ achieved 1st position in Pakistan and secured 158th rank in the world. Similarly, Osama Aslam Ansari, Aadil Jaleel Chaudhry and Sheheryar Mehmood of team Meow Logic managed to be 2nd best in Pakistan and 202nd in overall ranking. Team Namki, consisting of Abdullah Khalil and Anand Kumar, was also modestly ranked at 8th position in Pakistan and 345th in the world.


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