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IEEE Oath-taking Ceremony

Oath-taking Ceremony

By Oneeb Ul Haq

The long awaited Oath-taking ceremony was held on the 13th of December. Before the event began the organizers could be seen anxiously pacing the seminar hall, eager to get the show on the road.

Like clockwork, everyone was seated at 5:20 ready for the evening ahead. At 5:30, the Principal of SEECS, Dr. Arshad Ali – the Chief Guest, graced us with his presence. Soon after, the event kicked off with a recitation from the Holy Quran.

Ume Salma, our Chair Publications, and Awais Shafique, our Vice Chair Membership, took to the stage as hosts of the evening. They greeted us with an introduction of IEEE and then Maria Wu got on the stage to inform us about the international advents of IEEE. After Maria’s presentation, the hosts took to the stage again and to increase audience participation, decided to have an interactive session in which the audience was asked questions regarding the IEEE and IEEE in SEECS. Soon after, Haroon Ali came to the stage and told us about the undertakings of IEEE in SEECS.

Oath-taking Ceremony

Then the Chief Guest, Dr. Arshad Ali, was invited to the stage to take the oath. As a guiding figure of SEECS, and as someone who is looked up to by the student body, Dr. Arshad decided to give his two cents regarding the executive council and IEEE. During this speech Dr. Arshad hinted at many things that could be improved upon and things that we could take advantage of given that we were affiliated with an organization as large as IEEE. Afterwards the executive council took the oath and officially took on the responsibilities of the offices each individual held.

After Dr. Arshad left the ceremony, the executive council got together to reflect on his words and to set timelines and goals that were to be undertaken by each department of IEEE SEECS. Then the President, Wajeeh Adhami, invited all of us downstairs to unwind, have tea and talk in a more informal sitting.

After tea had put our minds to ease, a small picture session was mandatory. And on that happy note, the Oath-taking Ceremony came to a close.

IEEE Oath-Taking Group Photo


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