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How to Become a GSA

How to become a Google Student Ambassador?

BY Sarwat Fatima

The first time I heard about Google was when I was in 6th grade through a promotion card that came out of a chips packet.  Out of curiosity I and my friend tried the link. Our instant reaction was “The site is amazing; it has everything on it, even games”.  Little did we know that just after a few years, the phrase ‘Google it’ would become common enough to be included in Oxford Dictionary.

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We already touch, see and hear our smart phones, but thanks to the engineers we can now sniff them too!

The gadget part attaches to the dock of the iPhone and contains an atomizer and smell tank. A person on the other end could deliver a particular smell through the other person’s device. Also, you can set the alarm to wake up to a particular aroma. Among other uses could be a bakery sending the smell of its freshly baked brownies to entice customers in. According to RocketNews24, a Chaku Perfume representative suggested sending a music idol’s sweat smell to the audience during a concert but, well, let’s just focus on a fast food point directing the aroma of tenderized chicken to its consumers before taking orders.

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Robotic Dragonfly

Robotic Dragonfly

By Isha Lodhi

The most recent DelFly model, the DelFly Explorer, made in 2013, is an autonomous flying robot that can fly on a chosen height for up to 9 minutes without any external control. The DelFly Explorer is the only Micro Aerial Vehicle that flies by flapping its “wings” like a dragonfly would do. The reason this robotic dragonfly is so awesome is its incredibly light weight; only 20 grams.

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