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We already touch, see and hear our smart phones, but thanks to the engineers we can now sniff them too!

The gadget part attaches to the dock of the iPhone and contains an atomizer and smell tank. A person on the other end could deliver a particular smell through the other person’s device. Also, you can set the alarm to wake up to a particular aroma. Among other uses could be a bakery sending the smell of its freshly baked brownies to entice customers in. According to RocketNews24, a Chaku Perfume representative suggested sending a music idol’s sweat smell to the audience during a concert but, well, let’s just focus on a fast food point directing the aroma of tenderized chicken to its consumers before taking orders.

Similarly, you can receive your notifications on facebook and mails with a whiff of lavender, coffee or, may be, grass. Some of the scents in store of a Japanese company, Scentee,  are traditional like jasmine and rose, natural like apple and mint, while others are unusual like curry and corn soup. The company claims that each cartridge lasts for about 100 puffs. The smells of short ribs, sizzling beef tongue and buttered potatoes can also be added to the gadget.

This also opens door to self-aromatherapy, after, ofcourse, a bit of learning. You could also create artificial environments by this feature.

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