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How to Become a GSA

How to become a Google Student Ambassador?

BY Sarwat Fatima

The first time I heard about Google was when I was in 6th grade through a promotion card that came out of a chips packet.  Out of curiosity I and my friend tried the link. Our instant reaction was “The site is amazing; it has everything on it, even games”.  Little did we know that just after a few years, the phrase ‘Google it’ would become common enough to be included in Oxford Dictionary.

But Google’s success story does not stop here. Google has progressed to become a multinational corporation providing opportunities to a number of people in a variety of fields. It also hasn’t forgotten the student community.  Students can apply to internships, scholarships and even become a Google Student Ambassador (GSA).

A seminar titled “How to become a Google student ambassador?” was held at SEECS by IEEE SEECS in collaboration with Google at Nust.  The main purpose of this seminar was to make students aware of the application process and the perks of being selected as a GSA.  There were two talks conducted by members of GSA from the first batch of Pakistani GSAs.

Talk # 1: How to Become a Google Student Ambassador (GSA)?  by Anam Zahid

Anam Zahid started off her presentation with the question “What is your motivation?” You should be very clear about the motivation. It helps you move forward positively rather than burdening yourself with unnecessary things. Surely you will learn a lot and it would be a jewel on your CV. However, networking is the most important motivation that she mentioned. It leads to new friend ships, opportunities and learning. You might even end up in bringing your ideas to live just because you knew some people.

Become a GSA


Both undergraduate and post graduate students could apply with the condition that they are students for the next whole year. The application comes up around March.  It consists of three parts. The first part is about general information about you.  The second part is to answer Google related questions like what is your favorite Google product and how can you improve it?  If you have made any application, share the link. Share your extracurricular activities. Note that it is not necessary for you to be an engineer to apply. Anyone from any background can apply. Last year a girl from Pakistan with political science background got selected. It is OK if you are not an application developer. This one question would not damage your application.  The last part is to make a one minute video about you and your activities. You can make it in diverse ways, think out of the box and be creative.  Maybe they would select you just on the basis of your video. With the application you need to attach two reference letters and a proof of enrollment.

You need to have a g+ account since they ask to share your profile link. If you don’t have any, you should probably make a profile and make it active. To keep updated with the application process, like Google Pakistan on facebook.

Talk # 2: My (Awesome) Google Search Summit Experience by Awais Imran

Awais Imran’s whole talk can be summarized in a statement made by him “Google let you party hard, but makes you work harder”.  Once you are selected as GSA, Google provides a fully funded three days training trip; Google Search Summit. Last year it was held at Indonesia.  At this summit you meet your fellow GSAs from different countries. Google experts conduct sessions from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm building skills in presentations, public speaking, budgeting, linking etc. The purpose of these sessions is to help you successfully arrange Google events. Different activities are arranged to show your culture or assign tasks like selling a product in a one minute video. On the last day you are assembled into groups to make a final project and present it.

 After the summit, GSAs remain in contact with Google and organize at least four events in a year. These events are usually talks, getting to know Google products, scavenger hunts, challenges etc. At these events, Google goodies are given out including Google shirts, mugs, usbs, Google signature color glasses, water bottles etc.

Google student ambassador is a perfect opportunity to come out of your shell, be confident and hone your skills. This is the best way to expand your social network internationally.

So are you dreaming to be a GSA?  Well, don’t dream, do it, be it.


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