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On 17th March Jump Start Pakistan and SEECS signed a Memorandum of Understanding; the administration of SEECS and the people behind JumpStart Pakistan decided that a collaborative venture would be in both their best interests. Rest assured, when SEECS thinks about its best interests it is actually thinking about the student body. Students of SEECS have always been the entrepreneurial types, and SEECS intends on grooming this aspect. Lo and behold, the Greenhouse Lab.

A green house is a place where plants are constantly looked over, nurtured, groomed, all with constant supervision and care. This is exactly what SEECS and JumpStart plan to do, except only with students in place of plants. You come with a venture, an idea, an innovation or even just an entrepreneurial spark and the people at Greenhouse Lab will guide you to attain your goal.

At 12:55, gathered in front of the Greenhouse Lab (which is right across from our oh-so familiar Sherazi Lab) were Dr. Arshad and Dr. Zaidi along with Mr. Khurram Mujtaba, the leading force behind JumpStart Pakistan. Dr. Arshad cut the ceremonial ribbon in order to officially inaugurate the Greenhouse Lab. Dr. Arshad and Mr. Mujtaba then took their seats inside the lab, and then signed the Memorandum of Understanding making their collaboration official. After the necessary handshakes and pictures the party moved to the Seminar Hall in the PG block.

JumpStart MoU

Like clockwork, everybody was seated at 01.00 and then after the recitation of the Holy Quran, Dr. Arshad took to the stage to address the audience (most of who were from the graduating batch). He told us about a previous student of SEECS who had just recently been given a grant of USD 1 million for his venture. Dr. Arshad told everyone in the audience that this capability and potential to achieve is with everyone and that is why they’ve enlisted the help of JumpStart Pakistan.

Mr. Khurram Mujtaba then came on to the stage and introduced himself.  Mr. Mujtaba said that he’d had a mid-life crisis and in that he realized that he wanted to change Pakistan.
There were several options:
– politics – but seeing the situation Pakistani politics is in, clearly going in that direction wouldn’t be the smart way to go.
– philanthropy – seeing as perhaps one of the greatest philanthropists, Abdul Sattar Edhi, has not been able to change Pakistan a whole lot for the better, this wasn’t the way to go either.
– entrepreneurship – however enabling the everyday Pakistani to change his surroundings for the better would absolutely yield great results, since almost everybody wants to change what’s around them for the better.

Mr. Mujtaba then highlighted what exactly the Greenhouse Lab was set out to do. Greenhouse Lab: what it is, is a startup incubator.

He then cited a code that we as entrepreneurs should follow:
– Have a vision.
-Equip Yourself (with the necessary tools and skill sets)
-Build a team (to help you attain your vision)
-Choose a path (and decide which way to go)
-Have faith (especially when times are trying)
-Struggle to walk on the path
-Reach your Ultimate Destiny
And last but not least
-Enjoy the fruit of your labor.

On this note Mr. Mujtaba ended his address, and as time was short, after a small Q and A session, the session came to a close.

Entrepreneurs of SEECS: You have your work cut out!



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