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Faculty on the Line 3.0

Faculty on the Line

By Oneeb Ul Haq

On the Monday before the start of the second OHTs, everyone attending FOTL 3.0 was looking forward to an evening of fun and entertainment before they hit the books. Entering the SEECS fountain area, everyone in attendance immediately realized that they were in for a great evening just by seeing the immense effort that had been put into the décor. The fountain area had been transformed into a sea of blue and white, the colors of IEEE, and the decorations eloquently added to a fun-loving atmosphere, a feat brilliantly pulled off by Décor team.

And if fun and entertainment is what everyone was looking for, fun and entertainment is what they got. And a Khappa Coupon, let’s not forget the Khappa Coupon!
To kick off the event Umay Salma came to the designated stage area to introduce the teams.
The teams were:
From the Department of Electrical Engineering- the Avengers and the Expendables:
-Sir Tauseef Tauqeer
-Sir Usman Younis
-Sir Salman Abdur Ghafoor
-Sir Ahmed Salman
-Sir Syed Raza Kazmi
-Sir Yasir iqbal
-Sir Aqeel Qureshi
From the Department of Computing -The Burqa Avengers:
-Sir Kashif Rajpoot
-Sir Khalid Latif
-Sir Maajid Maqbool
-Mam Sarah Shafiq khan
-Sir Hamid Mukhtar
-Dr. Sohail Iqbal
Then a team comprising of alumni and staff a.k.a. Student Affairs, which included IEEE’s very own Bilal Baqar. And a team randomly picked from the audience, conveniently called the Students.

Awais Shafique and Arsalan Javed then came to the stage as the hosts for the evening and gave us a brief introduction of the rules and procedures.
The first game to be played was: Floating Towers. The aim of the game was to build a stack of cans over a plastic plate which was floating over a bucket of water. This game required three things: steady hands, dexterity and patience, a combination, which as it turns out, is very rare.

 Faculty on the Line 3.0

The Avengers took to the arena first. The Avengers were rightly named because the minute counter wasn’t even a quarter of the way through but they had completed the challenge. The crowd cheered, but secretly everyone started to wonder if the game was challenging enough, considering that the first team up had completed the task at hand in mere seconds. Their doubts were immediately washed away when the Expendables came up. The Expendables, slowly and steadily, built their stack of cans over the water – slow and steady might’ve won the game had it not been for the fact that their stack of cans fell over before the minute was up. The Burqa Avengers approached the bucket of water. They saw that the slow and steady technique had failed so they opted for speed, unfortunately speed wasn’t the key and their tower fell as well. Students Affairs came to the bucket of water and they too opted for speed, and they too failed. Then the Students approached for their turn. Everyone (i.e. most of the students in attendance) eagerly looked forward to the Students dusting everyone off and winning this game. But that was not the case. The Students built up the tower slowly and coaxed into standing on its own but as soon as they let go the tower was no more.

Since the Avengers had clearly won this round and the Students had lost, the Avengers were to give a dare to the Students. The Students were told to act like they were in a war zone and make the necessary sound effects and reaction. The Students awkwardly walked all over the stage and threw make-believe (obviously) grenades at each other, which always failed to explode, seeing that no one jumped in cover. But the Students completed the dare, and that was all that was required.

The second activity was the Rapid Fire round. A team would nominate a member to come to the stage and answer three questions which could be about IEEE, SEECS or general knowledge. Spelling was not a favored question by the participants, considering only one got a spelling right. Sir Adeel Qureshi from The Avengers got all three answers correct. Sir Kashif from the Burqa Avengers got one correct and so did Saad Bin Khalid from Student Affairs. Sir Kazmi from the Expendables and Qambar Rizvi from The Students got two answers correct.

The winning team, the Avengers, dared the losing team, Student Affairs, to dance to Gangnam Style. Since the song wasn’t available, the Bollywood song ‘Baby Doll’ was played and danced to.

Faculty on the Line 3

Then the WIE (Women In Engineering) heads hosted a Pictionary session.

The results of the first round are summarized as follows:
Burqa Avengers – successfully guessed Song.
Avengers – failed to guess anything.
Student Affairs – successfully guessed Time Machine.
Students – failed to guess Summers in time
Expendables – successfully guessed Whistle

For the second round, the proceeding teams had to guess idioms in English or Urdu:
Expendables – Amazingly guessed Naach na jaane angan tera within seconds.
Student Affairs – Were able to guess Khoon paseena aik krna
Burqa Avengers – Were unable to guess All Ears
Student Affairs – Were unsuccessful in guessing Curiosity killed the cat.
Burqa Avengers – Successfully guessed Chor ki daarhi mei tinka
Burqa Avengers were the front runners in this event.

The next activity was also hosted by WIE. The objective of this game was for each team to sew the letters ‘W’, ‘I’ and ‘E’ on a piece of cloth in under a minute. The first one to complete the activity were the Avengers.

Faculty on the Line IEEE

Next up was an event that brought out the competitive side of students and teachers alike – Musical Chairs. You’d think competition was tough enough in class rooms, but on the eve of Monday the 14th, ‘competition’ was redefined. From the very start there were two players that’d made an impression on the audience:
Bilal Baqar and Dr. Sohail. Where Bilal Baqar would use the age-old technique of strolling past the open chairs as slowly as was allowed, Dr. Sohail would use his agility to make way into a chair mere parts of a second before another would’ve sat down. In between the breaks, Sir Kashif and Dr. Majid would approach Dr. Sohail and give him morale boosts and buck-ups. The audience laughed heartily and thoroughly enjoyed the show put on by the teachers. Bilal Baqar eventually lost out and Dr. Sohail got out in the second last round. The Musical Chairs champion was Sir Salman Ghafoor from the Expendables, who had to do for us a couple-dance as a penalty for winning!.
With this, the activities came to an end. While the results were tallied the participants started a random dare session which included the teachers and students singing and dancing and enjoying FOTL to its utmost.
The results were then announced.
In third place were: The Burqa Avengers from the Department of Computing.
In second place were: The Avengers from the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Faculty on the Line prize

In first place were: The Expendables from the Department of Electrical Engineering.

 Faculty on the Line wins

And with this the event officially came to a close and everyone went on their separate ways: some to prepare for the OHT’s, and some to make them – and possibly take revenge on the students (incredibly hard OHT’s anyone?).



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