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An undersea ride to USA

By Umay Salma

How often have you wished to travel in the dreamy Hogwarts Express? What was the best part about it? Well, for me, it was the clouds, it dissolved into. The magical arena it covered to take its passengers to a mystic land. Lo and behold, China has launched an ambitious engineering plan to build a bullet train railway to America. The best part? It’s going to be under the sea!!!

The train would connect China with 48 states of USA. The track would run north from China, through Siberia and Russia, under the Pacific Ocean to Alaska, then down through Canada to the contiguous United States, according to The Guardian. This makes the length of tunnel to be 125 miles beating the current longest length of Channel Tunnel which connects France and UK. The train is hence, conveniently nicknamed as ‘China-Russia-Canada-America’.

An undersea ride

With this astounding train you are expected to reach America from Beijing in less than two days at an astonishing speed of 217mph.

The project definitely needs some wonders in the field of engineering. Where some remain skeptical of the feasibility of the project in terms of the cost and science involved. Some even doubt its necessity. Will it open a new era of trade in global market?

Nevertheless, the idea of undersea bullet train continues to inspire and ignite the imagination of many. Does it inspire you? Tell us!


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