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Image taken from Wikipedia: “little planet effect” created by stereographic projection of 9 images; Marigot, Saint Martin

By Isha Lodhi

Humans have been generating panoramic paintings and images ever since the 18th century. Irish painter Robert Barker coined the word ‘panorama’ in as early as 1792, when he used the term to describe the wide-angle views displayed in his work.

What started as art has now become an integral part of science. Photo and video stitching software, cameras and mirror (one-shot) lenses are being developed by new research to generate images and videos that give 180 and 360 degrees representations of physical spaces.

Dr. Murtaza Khan at SEECS, NUST, a specialist in Image Processing, has been working on panoramic vision in collaboration with Atri, South Korea since 2010. His research is related to developing video-stitching software that mixes data from multiple cameras to produce a single 360 degrees display. One of the major aspects of his work is projecting the 360 degrees video on a curved (dome-shaped) screen using a technique that makes the screen appear rectangular. The idea is to overcome defects and irregularities in any screen to keep the audience’s experience exciting.

The project almost complete now, Dr. Murtaza Khan is presently working on adding enhanced features to it and improving its functionality. Dr. Murtaza is interested in Big Data processing and analysis. He is of the view that this area holds a lot of potential to be explored, and once new tools are developed, they will have countless applications.


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