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IEEE Day 2014

IEEE Day 2014

By Maryam Hassan and Kanza Rasheed

Just like every year, after a lot of hard work and struggle to attain technological excellence and innovation, IEEE celebrated its birthday on September 29, 2014. The core purpose of IEEE is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of the society. IEEE is a hardworking society designed to serve professionals involved in all aspects of the electrical, electronic and computing fields.

Following the trend of this annual celebration, IEEE Day was celebrated for the 5th time in SEECS, where the newly elected executive members for the SEECS, IEEE council 2014-2015 worked tirelessly to make the event successful and memorable. Preparations began early morning, where the entire SEECS lobby was decorated in signature IEEE colors of blue, white and purple. The decor team put in tremendous effort to make the event a big success.

The main ceremony started in the SEECS lobby with the enthusiastic participation of the students in the exciting games; wet ball, ready spaghetti and limbo dance that the IEEE events team organized for them to make this day as one of the most memorable days of the semester. The students enjoyed playing with the IEEE executives tremendously. SEECS lobby presented a picture of fun and joy after a long time amidst the tiring routine of the endless quizzes and assignments. IEEE Day, indeed, was a fresh break for everyone. The events team head, Awais Shafique, BEE-4, is completely motivated to make IEEE reach new peaks of success. This is that he told the publications team about his devotion towards IEEE:

 “As for myself, I found a lot of new people who are as excited for this year as much as I am.  My seniors motivated me. I don’t work for power; I don’t work to achieve a better post in this society; I work for the betterment of this society as these people feel like family to you. As for IEEE, since it is a research oriented society, we plan to encourage the UG students to take part in the ongoing researches around the world and stop building conventional FYPs and publish at least 1 paper in their UG”

Throughout the day, the diligent IEEE membership team also held its International Membership Drive the entire day where many students were briefed about IEEE and its aims. The students were clearly told about the incentives of being an IEEE member, including a golden chance to have an international IEEE account and access to IEEE xplore where they can get free course books and Research papers. Plus, our IEEE members will be given discounts at international conferences being held by IEEE at SEECS and they will also be able to utilize the best if their potentials in the useful IEEE Workshops; C, OOP, PCB designing , Arduino Programming, Web Designing and LEGO Robotics  which will be held  throughout the year.

 The much awaited moments of the entire ceremony finally arrived!!!

The cake cutting !!!

The IEEE Chair, Muhammad Akif Hazarvi and the Vice Chair, Haroon Arshad initiated the ceremony by cutting the signature blue and white cake of IEEE followed by the delighted hooting and cheering of the entire executive council, the IEEE members and students which added life to the event.

September 29, 2014 was marked as a huge success from IEEE’s side as not only the members, but also the eagerness of the non-members was commendable. Akif Hazarvi, shares his thoughts about the day by saying that “It was a great start for the council. Everyone was really excited for the event. It was really good and motivating to see that people form SEECS joined us on IEEE day and I hope our participants to have great time with IEEE.” Haroon Arshad, Vice Chair, commented on, “As a senior, this is my last year at SEECS and – in particular – IEEE. I feel great pride knowing that I was part of the SEECS’ premier technical society for the past three years. We have had an amazing start to the year by celebrating IEEE day, and I am looking forward to working with our council to make this a historical year for IEEE at SEECS”.

Finally, the ceremony was concluded by taking memorable pictures of the executive council by the talented IEEE media team which is being headed by Sumbul Aftab this year, a very active member of IEEE since last two years who has been responsible for saving all the momentous times of IEEE within the clicks of her camera beautifully.

IEEE Day Group Photo


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