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C Programming Workshop

C ProgrammingWorkshop

By Komal Ishaq

What’s better than helping a bunch of freshmen in coping up with the upcoming challenges? To make the beginning of their four year journey a bit less intimidating and easier? To help them with their programming skills which cam make them earn millions one day? IEEE,SEECS successfully organized and conducted a 3 day C-Programming Workshop on 13th, 14th and 15th October, 2014.

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IEEE Oath Taking Ceremony

IEEE Oath Taking Ceremony

By Aqsa Kausar

IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology, welcomed the newly elected council of IEEE SEECS in the oath taking Ceremony. Under the leadership of Akif Hazarvi and Haroon Arshad, chair and Vice chair respectively, the ceremony took place on 16th October 2014, Tuesday.

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Harnessing Fusion – Bottling the Sun

The sun, like all other stars is powered by nuclear

The sun, like all other stars is powered by nuclear [1]

By Behlol Nawaz

Nuclear fusion, can be counted as one of the awe-inspiring displays of nature’s power. It has been powering the stars for billions of years and is considered responsible for the creation of most of the natural chemical elements.

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Perks of IEEE Membership

IEEE membership

By Oneeb Ul Haq

IEEE SEECS remains one of the most active societies in SEECS, and at the same time it remains a society that provides the most to its members. The opportunities and perks that IEEE allows are without any doubt unparalleled in both quality and quantity. All that is left up to the members of IEEE is to avail these opportune benefits. Unfortunately, much of the SEECS student body isn’t aware of all these benefits. Keeping this in mind, the IEEE SEECS Executive Council arranged a seminar especially to ward off any confusions or misgivings and inform anyone interested about all that IEEE has to offer. The seminar took place from 1-2 PM in the RIMMS Seminar Hall on the 1st of October.

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