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Perks of IEEE Membership

IEEE membership

By Oneeb Ul Haq

IEEE SEECS remains one of the most active societies in SEECS, and at the same time it remains a society that provides the most to its members. The opportunities and perks that IEEE allows are without any doubt unparalleled in both quality and quantity. All that is left up to the members of IEEE is to avail these opportune benefits. Unfortunately, much of the SEECS student body isn’t aware of all these benefits. Keeping this in mind, the IEEE SEECS Executive Council arranged a seminar especially to ward off any confusions or misgivings and inform anyone interested about all that IEEE has to offer. The seminar took place from 1-2 PM in the RIMMS Seminar Hall on the 1st of October.

The event kicked off with the General Secretary of the executive council, Arsalan Javed, welcoming everyone to the seminar, and calling on Awais Shafique, Chair Events, to the stage to conduct the seminar.

Perks of IEEE membership

Awais started off by discussing the mission and vision of IEEE, as shared by 480,000 members across 160 countries, and highlighting that even though it is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – IEEE has a lot to offer to those outside the EE faculty as well. The discussion then changed track towards the benefits as afforded by IEEE:

  • Sponsorship for international symposiums and conferences
  • One-stop, authentic source of peer reviewed research papers
  • Networking in your preferred field
  • A wide array of discounts (including Car Rentals!)
  • A platform for submitting and publishing research papers
  • A large number of workshops covering a variety of topics and skill-sets
  • Peer to peer mentorship programs

IEEE SEECS itself conducts numerous workshops (22 in the academic year 2013-2014) covering topics ranging from programming (including C++, Java, and Android Development) to dual-layered PCB designing.

We were then told about the IEEE GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) membership – given to IEEE members in the working sector – and one which carries a lot of weightage amongst employers of Electrical Engineers.

SEECS very own PG student, Sir Mohammad Zubair Ahmed, who is also currently conducting labs for graduate students in SEECS, followed Awais and addressed the Post Graduate students in the audience, discussing the IEEE Signal Processing Society and Communication Society. Sir Zubair told the audience that the only Signal Processing Society was in NUST SEECS, owing in part to IEEE. Signal Processing, he told, has immense applications, specifically in Internet of Things or Big Data. The concept behind this being that we live in an age of immense data availability which can be analyzed for numerous uses, for e.g. more recently in the 2012 US Presidential Elections data analysts used this concept to understand trends and predict the outcome of the elections.

Perks of IEEE membership

Sir Ahmed Shafqat, a SEECS graduate and currently employed in SEECS itself, then came on the stage and spoke about the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society. The IEEE EMC Society is a globally accepted regulatory board for various electronic devices (including all smart phones). IEEE SEECS is also privy, Sir Ahmed told the audience, to the IEEE Antennae and Propagation Society (APS), boasting the largest civilian setup of an antennae lab outside any military facilities in Pakistan.

The General Secretary then closed the seminar after dispelling any queries regarding all that had been discussed.

The seminar proved to be a learning experience for everyone in attendance and served as a testament to the enormity of IEEE.


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