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IEEE Oath Taking Ceremony

IEEE Oath Taking Ceremony

By Aqsa Kausar

IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology, welcomed the newly elected council of IEEE SEECS in the oath taking Ceremony. Under the leadership of Akif Hazarvi and Haroon Arshad, chair and Vice chair respectively, the ceremony took place on 16th October 2014, Tuesday.

The ceremony kicked off with the chair events, Awais Shafique, welcoming the newly elected executive council of IEEE. After a brief introduction of IEEE, he encouraged the new executives to prove to be a valuable addition to the society and continued by unveiling the work of IEEE in the past and bringing to notice the new form of the IEEE SEECS website.

Awais then invited on stage Sir Usman Younis, faculty sponser of IEEE, SEECS and the person whose contribution to the improvement of the quality of work done by IEEE in the world of electrical engineering is acknowledgeable. Sir Usman Younis emphasized the importance of innovation in the technology in the present era of advancement. Dr. Raza Kazmi, then joined the IEEE council’s oath taking ceremony, and with him on stage, the hall dozed off into a rather informal version of the ceremony where he lit the environment with a mixture of jokes and IEEE experience topped with encouragement and future goals.

IEEE Oath Taking Faculty

Dr. Arshad, Principal SEECS, honored the society with his presence and encouraged the new council to work with honesty and responsibility. He talked about the importance of oath, requesting everyone to understand it and practice it.

After his positive and motivational speech towards the work being done by IEEE and the pride brought to SEECS by this society in the years before, with hope to bring more in future, every individual took oath before him and committed to the highest ethical and professional conduct. In recognition of the importance of their work and accepting an obligation to their profession, all executive members, agreed to maintain and improve technical competence and to understand technology at its best.

In response to the commitment shown by the council Dr. Arshad proposed the formation of a solar club to encourage the making of solar based gadgets to assist in various ways around campus.

The guests, Dr Arshad, Sir Maajid Maqbool and Sir Usman younis were then directed downstairs for refreshments. The Ex-chair IEEE welcomed everyone. The current chair Akif Hazarvi and General Secretary Arsalan introduced themselves. After this,  Mehak Saeed, the general secretary of WIE SEECS stepped on the stage to welcome the new council of WIE. Malala, the chair events WIE, very gracefully introduced the objective and goals of this chapter of the society and how IEEE Women in Engineering is one of the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists. Unveiling the past events of WIE, she presented WIE as a successful society of SEECS.

The day ended with the ceremony turning into an amazing pizza party, with random group selfies, alongwith cheers of fun and joy with a hope and a heart dedicated to the betterment of our society.

IEEE Oath Taking Group Photo


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