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C Programming Workshop

C ProgrammingWorkshop

By Komal Ishaq

What’s better than helping a bunch of freshmen in coping up with the upcoming challenges? To make the beginning of their four year journey a bit less intimidating and easier? To help them with their programming skills which cam make them earn millions one day? IEEE,SEECS successfully organized and conducted a 3 day C-Programming Workshop on 13th, 14th and 15th October, 2014.

Programming is one of those courses which are new and the toughest to the freshmen and thus this effectively-carried out workshop by the events team, IEEE SEECS, proved to be quite beneficial for the students.

The workshop was conducted in the Shirazi and Farabi Labs of SEECS with mostly the students of new batch attending the session. The success of the workshop was marked by presence of about a hundred students of the freshman batch. The workshop was formally started by the event managers of the IEEE Executive Body who briefed about the highlights of the 3-day session and also introduced the instructors; the students of BEE-4; Awais Shafique, naqash, fawad, BSCS student Shoaib ahmed siddiqui, Waqee from SE and Shahrukh Qasim from the freshman batch.

 The workshop mainly focused on the basics of programming; introduction to the course, general information, functions, and loops. The 3- day session efficiently helped the students learn and to clarify their concepts. To make the learning more effective, students were given a quiz at the end of the workshop. Besides, different queries of students regarding the course were clarified and answered by the instructors to the best of their abilities.

C Programming Workshop

A group photo session marked the end of this 3-day dynamic session of programming.  As their positive response in the feedback speaks for it, the freshman students found the workshop extremely useful. Here is what they share with us;

“This workshop was very helpful I have learned a lot from this workshop. Keep the good work up and yeah you should conduct a second workshop like this before OHT2,” says Abubakar Farooque, a  BSCS-students who has currently joined SEECS. Another student, Fizza Shafiq, of the very same batch also shares her thoughts with us “It helped me through the basics as i was quite new to the programming field. A lot of my worries were banished. The workshop could have been better and a little more organized but i have no complains.”

IEEE, SEECS takes the opportunity to provide its members, a chance to nourish with an excellent experience. It promises to work hard for the betterment of humanity through innovation and technology.

C Programming Workshop Group Photo

Find the complete photo album here.


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