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Report on Photoshop Workshop

Report on Photoshop Workshop

By Komal Ishaq

IEEE-SEECS Chapter keeps on striving to impart extra and meaningful knowledge to the students of NUST in order to further polish and develop their skills in various fields and to prepare them for future situations.

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UGRAD Seminar


By Aqsa Kausar

With the aim to familiarize students with the process of applying to graduate schools in the US, a seminar was arranged on Friday, 14th November, 2014 in SEECS seminar hall from 14:00 to 16:00, where Dr. Tahir Azim along with basic descriptions, gave tips and hints on how to increase chances of admission. A large number of students showed up, many with questions and confusions and Dr. Tahir Azim did his best to clear even the minor misconceptions.

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Let’s Print in Space

3D Printers

By Umay Salma

 This post has also been published on wonderfulengineering.com by the same author.

Most 3D printers depend on gravity: The material drops from an extruder onto a print plate layer by layer to build objects from the ground up. But what if you wanted to 3D print something in space, where there is no gravity?

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