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Report on Photoshop Workshop

Report on Photoshop Workshop

By Komal Ishaq

IEEE-SEECS Chapter keeps on striving to impart extra and meaningful knowledge to the students of NUST in order to further polish and develop their skills in various fields and to prepare them for future situations.

Therefore, once again, complying with their goals, a Photoshop Workshop was conducted by AIESEC on November 20th, 2014 in collaboration with IEEE.

With only a hundred and twenty slots available for the students from all over NUST, the tickets sold out surprisingly quickly reflecting the sheer enthusiasm of students.

On the prescribed day, i.e. November 20th, students from different schools; mainly SNS and SEECS, started filling out the corridors of SEECS at around 5 o clock in the evening. With everyone finally accommodated at Shirazi Lab, Tahira Naseem, Vice President of AIESEC Islamabad declared the Photoshop workshop started by giving an intimidating opening presentation circling around AIESEC, its aims, objectives and benefits for students.

She basically briefed about the benefits AIESEC provides to its students: Exchange Recruitment Program. This Recruitment Program is mainly through two processes:

  • Volunteer Work
  • Technical Internships

Tahira Naseem managed to successfully convey to the students the history and information on the branches of AIESEC in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

AIESEC was founded in 2005. Its branched across the whole of Pakistan; Islamabad, GIKI, Karachi and Lahore.

Report onPhotoshop Workshop

To make the workshop more effective, half the students were shifted to Babbage lab and the actually ‘Photoshop’ was finally commenced. Executive members of IEEE Council: Arsalan Javed, Shahrukh Qasim, Ibrar Yunus, Urooj Ayub, Minhal Sherazi, Hamza Afridi, and Jamal Ahmed volunteered for this workshop. They all helped in accommodating each student with a computer and making them familiar with the Photoshop software.

The workshop started with volunteers teaching the students the basics of Photoshop. They were all given handouts with detailed description of each tool. They were taught with the basics at first; editing and resizing the pictures and then moved on to the usage of advanced tools. The first 1.5 hours of the workshop were filled with volunteers trying to make the new students comfortable with the basic tools of Photoshop.

Students were familiarized with Selection tool, move tool, lasso tool, magic wand, and as the time passed by, more exciting tools and the secret behind them was uncovered.

Even after the tiring and hectic day, students displayed huge and appreciative amount of enthusiasm towards the workshop which just shows that the power of the thirst for learning beats everything else.

Students left no effort in asking questions regarding the Photoshop and the volunteers answered all the queries thereby satisfying their learners. Halfway through the workshop, activities were in full swing. Participants were moving on to unravel the mystery behind the magnetic tool.

The time passed by with the learning process in the air and by 7 o clock, participants were left on their own and asked to make use of their imagination and creativity. In the next one and a half hours, participants racked their minds and managed to produce wondrous results of posters.

Report on PhotoshopWorkshop

The workshop turned out to be a successful one; one which benefitted the participants greatly. The hint of smile at the end of making their posters proved that all their time was worth a while. The workshop ended with handing over the participation certificates to the students and a group photo.

The response from the participants was over-whelming:

Fatima Farrukh of BEE-6B says:

“I can finally give my pictures a professional touch”.

Shahzeb Naveed of BEE-6C says:

“It was an amazing experience. Learning from seniors really helped me in acquiring new skills about graphic designing.

Komal Nawaz of BESE-4 says:

“I think it’s a really good initiative. Since I am new to it, it was very beneficial.

Sarmad of BEE-5A says:

“It’s been a really nice experience. Nice focus on basics.”

Harim Akher of BEE-6C is of view:

It was a different experience. We were a little tired but photoshop turned out to be quite refereshing.”


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