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All NUST Gaming Competition

NUST Gaming Competition
By Hassan Afroze Ahmad

In recent years gaming culture has taken a strong foothold in universities. There are hardly any institutions where gaming events are not held with frequency. NUST is no exception to that norm; in fact it is recognized as a hub of gaming culture in Islamabad region. Hardly a semester goes by when there isn’t a gaming competition in almost every department. But what was unique about the last one was the fact that it was held at an inter NUST level and the response was overwhelming, to say the least.

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Dr. Raza Kazmi Interview

Dr. Kazmi

 By Behlol Nawaz

Dr. Syed Muhammad Raza Kazmi is an Assistant Professor in Department of Electrical Engineering at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), NUST. He did his PhD from Tohoku University Japan. He is part of the Power, Electronics and Control knowledge group.

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