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Women’s Day

Women's Day

By Komal Ishaq

Women are an important part of our society and quite unfortunately are undermined in several aspects. However, women have again and again proved their worth and potential in different fields of life. To celebrate the existence of women; to thank them for the positive and beneficial ways they affect our lives and our society, IEEE WIE took a step to celebrate Women’s Day on March 9th, 2015.

The event took place in Concordia 2 with the decided timing of 1-2 pm. However, due to the overwhelming interest shown by the students from various departments of NUST, the event extended till 3 pm.


The event revolved around two main boards. The one with the caption “The women I would like to thank and why?” and the second board came with the tagline of “The women I would like to meet and why?”  Students were supposed to comment on these boards and thank the people they wanted to be grateful to.

The pleasing sight was enormous crowd of boys showing up for the event and participating enthusiastically. All the WIE and IEEE SEECS members did their ultimate best to celebrate the Women’s Day as it deserved to be celebrated. Around 7 guests from WIE Chapter of Bahria University also graced our event with their presence.

By the end of the time, the boards were overfilled with feelings and thoughts of different students. Students took the opportunity to thank their mothers and sisters and friends.

Some of the comments by students were:

“Mama, you’ve been supportive even at the worst times. Thank you!”

“I would like to thank my mother. She is my friend, my soul partner, my love of life.”

“For Mama and sisters- for being the coolest beings in life.”

“To my sister- for all the support and love.”

The event turned out to be a tremendous success. IEEE SEECS and WIE strives to celebrate more such events to increase awareness among fellow students about various people, their importance and their innovations.

Womens Day


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