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Speed Circuitry

By Aqsa Kausar


Nothing is more innovative than young minds pushing themselves to their limits. Working with limited resources and racing against time are some of the challenges which make us perfect. As far as the field of electronics is concerned, Robert Byrne has summarized the struggle as;

“In any electrical circuit, appliances and wiring will burn out to protect the fuses”

IEEE-SEECS chapter in association with NUST Science Society (NSS) held a technical competition with the name of “Speed Circuiting” on Friday 24th April as a part of one of the biggest events in NUST “Science Olympiad NUST (SciON)” held by NSS. This event challenged young students in the skills of designing, problem solving and abrupt implementation of plans.

The challenge brought by this competition was to use the given components to make the right electrical circuit models in the provided time. The challenges were produced and judged by the very respectable Mr. Jameel Nawaz, assistant professor at SEECS.

The participants raced to the Digital Systems and Embedded lab at SEECS and got themselves seated just in time. The participants were to come in a team of 3. Each team was allotted an usher from IEEE and NSS. The ushers were to track time and assist the teams in case of any ambiguity. Proper equipment along with challenges on a sheet were provided to the participants and a timer was projected on a big screen.

Speed Circuit

The event ticked off with the start of timer and participants mingled with components as the clock raced to its finish line.  With every tick of the clock, the pressure increased and participants struggled to get the tasks completed.  With the hope to beat the timer, participants gathered all their strength and fought the last five minutes of the electric field battle.

None of the teams were able to complete all the tasks but based on maximum work completed, winners were chosen. Jedi Knights stood second but the battle was won by the Quantizers. The Event coordinators; Haroon Ali, Atif Salman and Summaiya Irfan, pulled this event off with a good feedback from the participants.

But was this it, fortunately not. IEEE had another exciting competition in store for the SciON participants.

Xtreme Programming

Scicon Xtreme Programming

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think” – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs may have implied that the better code a person can write, the better thinker he is. IEEE invited programmers to participate in an event that challenged their thinking web of programming.

NUST Science Society (NSS) and IEEE-SEECS chapter introduced a programming competition to the “Science Olympiad NUST (SciON)”, held this year in April. The purpose was to provide the participants a challenge to solve difficult problems with programming approach in a limited amount of time.

Scicon Speed Programming

Once the lost-in-NUST MCS teams reached the Sherazi lab at SEECS, the programming challenge was provided to the participants and later collected through an online portal. During the competition, all access to the internet was cut off and computers were provided with C++ development kit installed. Though there was no programming language restriction, the participants soon found themselves entangled in the web of extreme coding. Teams struggled to complete the tasks, that they failed to find on the internet too (for all those who tried it, better luck next time =p). The typing became faster and pressure became more violent as time to closing of the portal came near. When the clock struck 5, there was a sigh of relief among the participants.

The challenges were created and judged by the respected Mr.Asad Waqar, faculty member at SEECS. While Rifters stood third and 3++ stood second, the programming battle was won by Codexity. And the participants enjoyed the event as much as IEEE did. The two events have added to the long list of successful events of IEEE.

SciconSpeed Programming



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