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By Behlol Nawaz

In April, we started a series of posts which showcased some of the top semester projects for an electronics course from a class of Electrical Engineering students. To test the students and get some creative results, the constraint was that each project had to use a Bluetooth module that communicated with a smart phone application.

So far, we have had a look at a device that can make any speaker wireless, a wearable communication device and a car automation system. In this final entry of the series, we will look at another impressive and interesting project, named “Mution”. It lets the user control a music player on his/her phone with hand gestures.

Project name: “Mution”

Students: Ali Athar, Armaghan Ahmed Khan and Azlan Shaukat.

(All students of BEE-4 at SEECS, NUST)

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