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A glance at interesting facts from lives of some great Minds….

While journeying through some of the facts that we have rummaged from the excerpts of history, related to the lives of some of the finest minds who made lasting impact on multiple fields, you will unfailingly witness the strength of their nerves, Read More →


Forget Upwork–Hire Top Talent Through Facebook With These Tips


By Awais Imran
This post was republished from propakistani.pk, with the permission of the author. The author is a former student of SEECS, NUST.

Through my personal experience, and through my discussions with other startups and businesses, I have to come to the conclusion that Facebook is the best platform for hiring freelancers, especially for most small to medium-sized businesses, and startups.

In the past couple of months alone, I have successfully hired for several freelance positions through Facebook. This includes designers, developers, content writers, and data entry specialists for projects like Windows Clan, and PriceOye. In all cases, I was able to find trusted, skilled freelancers in a matter of hours, and in one interesting case, it literally took five minutes*.

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Transparent Displays

Transparent Displays

Transparent Display Concept Art by Thomas Laenner [Image Source]

By Behlol Nawaz

Transparent displays (or see-through displays) are devices that can display images while the other side of the screen is also visible (just as the name suggests). Most display devices widely used today usually form images on opaque screens.

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Risks posed by Geomagnetic Storms

Risks posed by Geomagnetic Storms

Image taken from karthaus.eu

By Umay Salma

The sun is not as quiet as it seems from the earth. At the surface of the sun, there are constant explosions which are bombarding out electrons, protons, and radio through X-rays. These particles are emitted through the sun and travel through the space at 300 to 400 kilometers per second to hit the outer atmosphere of earth after four days. This is a normal case scenario and it doesn’t produce any significant effect on Earth’s surface.

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Let’s Print in Space

3D Printers

By Umay Salma

 This post has also been published on wonderfulengineering.com by the same author.

Most 3D printers depend on gravity: The material drops from an extruder onto a print plate layer by layer to build objects from the ground up. But what if you wanted to 3D print something in space, where there is no gravity?

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Harnessing Fusion – Bottling the Sun

The sun, like all other stars is powered by nuclear

The sun, like all other stars is powered by nuclear [1]

By Behlol Nawaz

Nuclear fusion, can be counted as one of the awe-inspiring displays of nature’s power. It has been powering the stars for billions of years and is considered responsible for the creation of most of the natural chemical elements.

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Research at SEECS – A Panoramic View

Research at SEECS

Image taken from Wikipedia: “little planet effect” created by stereographic projection of 9 images; Marigot, Saint Martin

By Isha Lodhi

Humans have been generating panoramic paintings and images ever since the 18th century. Irish painter Robert Barker coined the word ‘panorama’ in as early as 1792, when he used the term to describe the wide-angle views displayed in his work.

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