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Event Roundup – Nov 2015

By Anam Baloch and Asad Haider

So it has been a while since the current session started and as always, IEEE-SEECS has been busy conducting events since the semester began. Here is a quick round up of what has happened so far.

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Be Her Partner

BeHer Partner

By Isha Lodhi

What can you do to make sure that a girl, a woman….your mother, sister, daughter, wife, or friend, does not have to abandon her dreams just because of the gender she was born as?

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Open Stack

Open Stack

By Fatima H.  Malik

WIE IEEE SEECS is one of the amazing societies of NUST that has been busy in arranging many events across NUST successfully.

It arranged a workshop on OPEN STACK in SEECS in the last month of April which aimed at promoting awareness among the participants about OpenStack as open source cloud computing software and to help the participants in understanding the series of interrelated projects.

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ScION’15 – Speed Circuitry and Xtreme Programming

Speed Circuitry

By Aqsa Kausar


Nothing is more innovative than young minds pushing themselves to their limits. Working with limited resources and racing against time are some of the challenges which make us perfect. As far as the field of electronics is concerned, Robert Byrne has summarized the struggle as;

“In any electrical circuit, appliances and wiring will burn out to protect the fuses”

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GDayX by Google Business Group


By Maryam Hasan

Google Business Group (GBG) Islamabad celebrated GdayX 2015 at SEECS, NUST on Tuesday. The event included a series of talks by well-known entrepreneurs who shared their journey and experiences as well explained how Google can aid in growing businesses. These included; Open Islamabad President, Owais Anjum, Freelancing Guru – Saad Hamid, Bramerz, VP Product and Ex-Google Country Consultant – Badar Khusnood and Ex-Google Student Ambassador – Awais Imran.

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Women’s Day

Women's Day

By Komal Ishaq

Women are an important part of our society and quite unfortunately are undermined in several aspects. However, women have again and again proved their worth and potential in different fields of life. To celebrate the existence of women; to thank them for the positive and beneficial ways they affect our lives and our society, IEEE WIE took a step to celebrate Women’s Day on March 9th, 2015.

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Dark is Divine

Dark isDivine

 By Maryam Hasan

On 25thNovember, 2014, IEEE-WIE SEECS chapter organized an awareness seminar at National University of Science & Technology, Islamabad which aimed to target the issue of colorism that exists in the Asian region. IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting female engineers and scientists, striving towards innovation and technological advancement. The mission of IEEE WIE is to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines globally.

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