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Dr. Raza Kazmi Interview

Dr. Kazmi

 By Behlol Nawaz

Dr. Syed Muhammad Raza Kazmi is an Assistant Professor in Department of Electrical Engineering at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), NUST. He did his PhD from Tohoku University Japan. He is part of the Power, Electronics and Control knowledge group.

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Dr. Umar Saif – An Interview

Dr. Umar Saif Interview

Interview conducted by Umay Salma and compiled by M. Oneeb H. Khan

Dr. Umar Saif is the Chairman of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), and has been lauded by prestigious universities such as MIT for his efforts in the field of IT. Dr. Umar Saif is currently heading Plan9, a start up incubator, as chairman of the PITB. Plan9 and SEECS signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Friday 28th February and the FICS team took this opportunity to interview Dr. Umar Saif.

 What was your motivation to leave MIT and come back to Pakistan?

The honest answer to that is that I came here to live with my parents; that was the only reason, it was very personal to me to come back, but the experience has been wonderful.

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Levitation has always been fascination. Because, maybe, it gives you the sensation of beating gravity and travelling in the third dimension. You see we move mainly in two dimensions so there comes a strong desire to beat the biological limitation. This leads to building machines like airplanes that enable to move across the third dimension. Wouldn’t it be more appealing if you could explore this third dimension with a remote control without having to move yourself? Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are crafts capable of flight without an onboard pilot. They can be controlled remotely by an operator or can be controlled autonomously via pre-programmed flight paths.

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