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LateX Workshop

LateX Workshop


LateX is typesetting software used in writing professional papers. LateX is a kind of word processor with lot of flexibility in formatting and adding special symbols and characters to it. LateX is widely used for writing research papers and dissertations by the academic communities around the world and is becoming a standard for writing professional papers.

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GSM Soft Switch Training

GSM Workshop

By Kanza Rasheed

Ever wondered how we recieve messages within a blink of an eye…? Who is there for getting us closer to our loved ones when we are thousands of miles away…? Who is that mentor who guides us when we are totally lost in the middle of an unknown city…? Well, thanks to our mobile networking system without which imagining a life is considered impossible now.

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C Programming Workshop

C Workshop

By Isha Lodhi

Most freshmen at SEECS, taking C Language courses for the first time (well, it is the first time for most of them), may find it a bit hard grasping all the new concepts of computer programming. A bit of extra help, usually boosts an individual’s understanding of a subject. This was the motivation behind IEEE-SEECS’s most recent workshop on C programming, dated 5-7th November 2013.

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PCB Workshop

PCB Board

By Umay Salma

Printed Circuit Boards, generally called as PCBs, greatly reduce the chances for error in patching of a circuit and unlike bread boards they are not prone to damage. Many students require them for their projects but none of the initial engineering courses teach their usage and handling. So IEEE-SEECS arranged a workshop for students to be trained for using PCBs.

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