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Perks of IEEE Membership

IEEE membership

By Oneeb Ul Haq

IEEE SEECS remains one of the most active societies in SEECS, and at the same time it remains a society that provides the most to its members. The opportunities and perks that IEEE allows are without any doubt unparalleled in both quality and quantity. All that is left up to the members of IEEE is to avail these opportune benefits. Unfortunately, much of the SEECS student body isn’t aware of all these benefits. Keeping this in mind, the IEEE SEECS Executive Council arranged a seminar especially to ward off any confusions or misgivings and inform anyone interested about all that IEEE has to offer. The seminar took place from 1-2 PM in the RIMMS Seminar Hall on the 1st of October.

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FICS Final Stage

Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions

By Oneeb-ul-Haq

Afternoons are usually the laziest part of the day, not so in SEECS. On Friday the 16th of May, the SEECS UG lobby was buzzing. Buzzing with curiosity. Buzzing with anxiousness. Buzzing with ideas, ideas that could possibly change Pakistan and life as we know it. Why? It was the occasion of the final stage of FICS (Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions) and the winners were to be announced today.

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Faculty on the Line 3.0

Faculty on the Line

By Oneeb Ul Haq

On the Monday before the start of the second OHTs, everyone attending FOTL 3.0 was looking forward to an evening of fun and entertainment before they hit the books. Entering the SEECS fountain area, everyone in attendance immediately realized that they were in for a great evening just by seeing the immense effort that had been put into the décor. The fountain area had been transformed into a sea of blue and white, the colors of IEEE, and the decorations eloquently added to a fun-loving atmosphere, a feat brilliantly pulled off by Décor team.

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Green House Lab Inaugration



On 17th March Jump Start Pakistan and SEECS signed a Memorandum of Understanding; the administration of SEECS and the people behind JumpStart Pakistan decided that a collaborative venture would be in both their best interests. Rest assured, when SEECS thinks about its best interests it is actually thinking about the student body. Students of SEECS have always been the entrepreneurial types, and SEECS intends on grooming this aspect. Lo and behold, the Greenhouse Lab.

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Dr. Umar Saif – An Interview

Dr. Umar Saif Interview

Interview conducted by Umay Salma and compiled by M. Oneeb H. Khan

Dr. Umar Saif is the Chairman of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), and has been lauded by prestigious universities such as MIT for his efforts in the field of IT. Dr. Umar Saif is currently heading Plan9, a start up incubator, as chairman of the PITB. Plan9 and SEECS signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Friday 28th February and the FICS team took this opportunity to interview Dr. Umar Saif.

 What was your motivation to leave MIT and come back to Pakistan?

The honest answer to that is that I came here to live with my parents; that was the only reason, it was very personal to me to come back, but the experience has been wonderful.

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IEEE Oath-taking Ceremony

Oath-taking Ceremony

By Oneeb Ul Haq

The long awaited Oath-taking ceremony was held on the 13th of December. Before the event began the organizers could be seen anxiously pacing the seminar hall, eager to get the show on the road.

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IEEE Membership Drive

IEEE Membership

By Oneeb Ul Haq

The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or SEECS, as it is more fondly called, has been host to an active chapter of the world renowned IEEE, boasting a regional chair who previously held the SEECS chapter chair position. There is no question that the SEECS chapter of IEEE takes part in the festivities with great zeal. The celebrations kicked off on the 1st of October at the SEECS Undergraduate building with the celebratory cutting of the cake.

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